“Blond Squirrels” appeared in the Fall/Winter 2016 issue of Prick of the Spindle. 

Blond Squirrels

The cashier at the Bla Bla Coffee
House in Santurce has bunched her
ponytail into a chrysanthemum, the
tip reddish blond, very coat color
of the majority of squirrels in our neighborhood.
Talk about the allure of not-gray. Nine years
in Madison: every spring, blond squirrels.
Circling the telephone pole. And
running. Between my sedum. Across our
stamp of grass. Through buckthorn too
columnar to provide privacy, except for
the tribe of sparrows my wife awakens
opening the door to get the morning paper,
or the two cardinals I see later biting berries.
A rush of red and not so red. A pair.

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