Creative Nonfiction and Journalism

Among Javelina,” flash nonfiction, appears in Gargoyle Online #3.

My review of John McNally’s latest short story collection, The Fear of Everything, appears in Another Chicago Magazine.

Observatory Drive,” a short memoir, appears in the Spring 2018 issue of Exposition Review.

From Fiction Southeast‘s “Why I Write” series, a personal essay.

So Big Like That,” a short memoir, from the Winter 2016 issue of Post Road.

Hoyer Lift,” a lyric essay, appeared in the Summer 2008 issue of Memoir Journal.

“Homologizing Primates,” a poem-essay, appeared in Issue One (2008) of Specs Journal. Read Homologizing Primates.”

Talent as Persistence: A Profile of Bob Hicok
From Poets & Writers, a profile of the poet.

The Novelist in Hollywood
From, novelists John Dufresne, Robert Eversz, John McNally, Alexander Parsons, and Mark Jude Poirier discuss their interactions with Hollywood, screenwriting, and adaptations.

Review of Holocaust Girls: History, Memory & Other Obsessions, by S.L. Wisenberg, in Third Coast.

Socialized Medicine
From Men’s Fitness, the health benefits of social bonds.

Two Strong Wills Collide at Steeltech
From The Milwaukee Journal, dual profiles of the principals in a troubled business venture that was supposed to bring hundreds of good jobs to the inner city.

Road Work
From Isthmus (Madison, Wis.), an investigative article about an affirmative action program benefiting white women more than racial minorities.

Keanu Skulks at the Capitol
How a Hollywood director got scores of people in Madison, Wis., to work on a bone-chilling day for $4.55 an hour can be summed up in two words: show business. A story about “atmosphere,” with a couple of cameos by Keanu Reeves. From Isthmus. Among those quoted: former U.S. Rep. and now Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

AIDS Hotline: Is Sex Dead?
From the March 1986 Harper’s Bazaar: possibly the first women’s newsstand magazine article to look at early AIDS-era dating in terms of a medical “hierarchy of risks.”

Baseball Scouting Now a Mind Game
How some teams have used psychological testing in evaluating talent. From The Sporting News.

From the Milwaukee Business Journal: a range of stories, including a first-person account of working behind the counter at Great Harvest Bread Company, and ones on investing.

Other feature articles have appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, the Sunday magazine of The Milwaukee Journal, The Milwaukee Journal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Business Journal Serving Greater Milwaukee, Newsday, St. Paul Pioneer Press, Orlando Sentinel, Isthmus, Shepherd Express, and via the Los Angeles Times Syndicate.