Delighted to be joining Albion College

I will be joining the Albion College English Department starting in 2012-13 as a visiting assistant professor of English with initial responsibility for teaching multimedia journalism and composition and advising the Albion Pleiad. I also anticipate a role in developing courses in professional writing.

After teaching mainly literature and creative writing these last six years, I’m excited to have an opportunity to contribute to another academic program, particularly at Albion College, where I started to get to know the students and my new colleagues during the latter half of the Fall 2011 semester, when I was a leave replacement for fiction faculty member Danit Brown.

One of my greatest joys at Kalamazoo College has been knowing students well enough to write for them when they’ve applied to graduate programs in literature or creative writing. I’m especially enthused now about giving back in a similar way to the field of journalism.


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